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The Rehoboth Foundation carries out activities aimed at helping those in vulnerable situations and need.

The Rehoboth Foundation carries out activities aimed at helping those in vulnerable situations and need.

To reach out to the victims of war and natural disasters, the exploited or the marginalized, and to restore their sense of identity, value and importance as members of a community is a daunting but also very noble task entrusted by the Foundation to any donor who feels challenged by these realities.

To adhere to and cooperate with the Foundation by donating, within their means, a financial contribution, is a challenge to resignation and welfarism with which those who live in precarious conditions are always tempted.

The Foundation is named after the Well of Rehoboth, described in the Old Testament (Genesis 26,22) as a place where everyone can thrive without strife and enmity, where everyone can look to the future with confidence and receives what is due to them.


The Rehoboth Foundation was established to support and follow up the victims of the 1991-95 war of in Southeast Europe.

The Rehoboth Foundation, founded in Zagreb in 2004, is recognized and registered at No. 1, p. 171, of the No. 86 Foundations Register of the Republic of Croatia.
Thanks to its decades long operative experience in the countries of South East Europe (Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria) and through its varied innovative projects, the Rehoboth Foundation is able to respond to the new challenges and needs faced by the population. It is particularly committed to reinserting young people in the current social and employment fabric, to help in restoring their human dignity impaired by the welfare, while contributing to the cultural and social development of these countries.

Rehoboth is the name of a well dug by Abraham’s son Isaac in the Old Testament:

“And he moved from there and dug another well, and over that they did not quarrel; so he called its name Reho'both, saying, "For now the LORD has made room for us, and we shall be fruitful in the land" 

Gen 26:22


The Rehoboth Foundation also promotes inter-ethnic dialogue and peaceful coexistence of different ethnic groups inhabiting this territory. In this respect it is a ‘little agorà’ effectively boosting, through its activities and projects, dialogue and the search for the common good. Each of its projects is backed by a careful study of the local situation and based on the real needs of the population. Its beneficiaries actively participate in the achievement of objectives. Transparency and trustworthiness of individual projects is secured through written, photographic and other documentation. The Rehoboth Foundation carries out its activities without any profit or gain and with direct consideration of human persons and their needs.

Vision and Mission

"The Rehoboth Foundation supports, develops and coordinates social, cultural and religious initiatives and activities aimed at promoting the personal welfare and education in harmony with moral principles."

  • Supports families in conditions of social, economic and psycho-physical depravation through distance adoption.
  • Makes available real opportunities for education and employment to deserving young people.
  • Supports projects for the promotion of human rights and dignity (of women, children, the elderly, etc.)
  • Organizes seminars for Christian education and moral growth of the family.
  • Intervenes in emergencies, such as natural disasters or conflicts, by providing material and moral support.
  • Cooperates with similar institutions as well as public, private, national and international organizations.

Letter from the President


The tragic events of the 1991-95 war in the former Yugoslavia and my work with the Italian Caritas in Zagreb have left and indelible mark on my life. I passed from the desk to the road, from being a teacher to becoming a student.

As Head of the Croatian sector of the Italian Caritas I visited and encountered people and places destroyed by the war. There I learned to listen to their cries and prayers, and to recognize fear, pain, resignation and despair on their faces. I have come to know and to love, to show respect and to be silent. Day after day I was learning how to face these situations and talk to those who had lost their hope, felt unable to forgive and feared confrontation and cohabitation with other ethnic groups.

Throughout this journey I was blessed with good teachers of Charity and friends who, like me, wanted to learn how to respond with their presence to the human needs.

Our immediate help and support, the distribution of basic necessities, medical and sanitary assistance, reconstruction and school projects, as well as other activities, have always been accompanied by friendly personal presence, so as to help in the recovery of the dignity, self-respect and inner freedom of the wounded and humiliated. These two aspects - response and presence - are integral to our projects carried out in these southeastern European countries by the Rehoboth Foundation as a continuation of the activities inherited by the Italian Caritas.

Our hands are still on the plow to restart new forms of service and to continue being an active and supportive presence.

I would like to thank the benefactors, employees and volunteers who help the Rehoboth Foundation in carrying out this brotherly mission for a "CIVILIZATION OF LOVE" (Paul VI, May 17, 1970, Feast
of Pentecost)

Antonietta Maria Petrosino
President of the Rehoboth Foundation

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